Andrew Hansen


Andrew brings a sense of energy and passion to his leadership role at Mgmt.

His vision has seen the organization diversify and grow to become a vertically integrated construction and contracting company serving BC. With a focus on the team, customer and the numbers, Andrew sees an exciting future ahead for the company as Mgmt continues to modernize the construction and real estate sectors. Prior to Mgmt, Andrew spent over 5 years with the Ledcor Group, in a variety of senior roles including Project Manager, Human Resources, HS&E Manager and Operations Manager. Following a successful career at Ledcor, Andrew served as Vice President for a Marketing Firm based out of Vancouver, Agency Media Group. Helping them scale and grow, prior to returning to the construction world with Mgmt. Andrew looks forward to leading Mgmt ahead as the company brings value to it’s employees, partners and clients by performing Management Differently.


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