From Civil Contracting to General Construction & Management we deliver a comprehensive suite of services backed by our equipment rental division, bin rentals and materials for the construction and real-estate industries in Western Canada. We are vertically integrated and able to take on any project from start, to completion, to ongoing management. We manage resources to provide the best value to our clients, partners and community.

The MGMT Difference

The construction and real estate industry is changing at a rapid pace. We started The Management Group to be a flexible organization that is lean, innovative and able to match the changing market. Sometimes big and complex teams are needed, and sometimes small and nimble teams are needed. The Management Group sits right in the middle. Small enough to execute quickly and large enough to handle the scope. We utilize a strategic management process to either self-perform the work or bring in our valued partners. To implement this model, we utilize a team of top performers. A team that likes to work hard, communicate often, and be measured by results. Our people are our competitive advantage.

Our Team

Daniel Li, CPAController

Daniel is our financial controller. He manages costs for each division and provides financial oversight into our business operations.

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Matt BatemanProject Manager

Matt grew up with a passion for building and leadership. With fifteen years of construction experience working on a wide range of projects in civil, residential, commercial and industrial construction, Matt has acquired a diverse skill

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Sieg RedekoppManager, Special Projects

Sieg leads our special projects team. Working closely with other divisions, Sieg enjoys the challenge of a complex project. He prides himself on being able to act quickly and deliver, and he has a successful track record to prove it.

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Tara St. JeanPlanning & Design

Tara leads our design and planning teams out of our head office. She takes the ideas and turns them into measurable plans for our operations teams to execute.

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Eric KlassenManagement Technician

Eric is our in house journeyman carpenter and designated multitasker. Whatever the task, Eric helps to get it done quickly and to a level of quality that is unmatched.

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What We Believe

We are passionate about what we do. We are not just builders and developers, we are artists, problem solvers and innovators. Our six core values are the backbone of what we call the "MGMT Difference." These core values are what guide us. Specifically for how we work, hire, promote and choose our long-term partners.

Find The Best Way

We are resourceful. When our competitors show up with five people, we show up with 2 and we outperform. We do MORE with less. We utilize the best equipment, innovation and training in the industry to provide exceptional results. We follow the numbers and match the challenge with the best fit solution.

Great Results Happen From Amazing Teams

At The Management Group we face all challenges and projects in a team environment, which includes our internal resources, external partners and trusted consultants . We design project teams based on the scope and challenge of the work to produce maximum efficiency. MGMT Group teams are provided with strategic direction and resources to create speed and impact.

Move Quickly With Quality

When needed, we can sprint. Business moves quickly and so do we. We do not lose quality when we move quickly because we are trained, structured and equipped for any situation.

Own It

We are empowered and we are accountable. We use lean, highly trained teams (paid competitively) to make accurate decisions in the field. We stand behind our decisions and we deliver on our commitments.

Communicate Often

In an age of technology, we are accessible 24/7 daily, 365 days a year. We build open and honest relationships through strong communication. When people talk, we listen. When there are challenges, we are present and available.

Always Do The Right Thing

We are building for the long term. We are accountable to each other, our community and our partners. In all that we do, whoever we engage with, we provide amazing service. Business is tough and provides opportunities for many short cuts, we never take them.

Where We're Going

We believe that effective management can influence any industry, in any location. And we are on a path to disrupt companies and services that are not truly utilizing resources. As a diversified company, we are constantly finding ways to deliver new value to our clients and partners due to our vertical integration and infrastructure. As a group, we plan to continue to grow our service offerings to provide clients with cost savings and innovative solutions in multiple industries.

How We Will Get There

When you combine civil contracting, construction and development projects with the right resources (highly qualified teams, the correct equipment and necessary materials) there are clear efficiencies that arise. We are committed to fostering the continual growth of these resources and capitalizing on those opportunities to provide our clients with industry leading service and value.

Our Mission

Dedicated to creating complete loyalty through delivering quality and value-centric projects on time.