What is the Residential Maintenance Program?

Blowing leaves off grass at a residential property.

We have all been there: You just finished a long day at work, stressful meetings, too many emails and a big list of “to-do’s” waiting for you to tackle the next morning. You pull into your driveway and park. Take a  deep breath and you look up and see your house. You look over at your yard (uncut and growing out of control), look at your fence (paint fading and cedar hedge 2ft too tall), look at your house entrance (missing 2 light bulbs and covered in dust) and lastly, since it is pouring rain as always in Vancouver, you check your gutters (completely filled with leaves and overflowing). “Nice – you think to yourself.” And jump out of your car to head inside for dinner. You will tackle it tomorrow you say to yourself, and head inside exhausted from a hard day of work.

Many of us can relate to this scenario. We all live busy lives and are often working 10-12 hours a day at work (to pay for our house in the first place). The last thing we want to do when we get home at 6pm is get out the equipment and start working on our home. And so, it often doesn’t happen. Not because we don’t want to or don’t know how to, it simply is because we do not have the time. At Mgmt Group we found this was the problem, and so we created a solution to solve it.

So what is this whole Residential Maintenance Program?

At Mgmt Group we know how much time it takes to maintain a home (we are homeowners too!). So we  have created a comprehensive 12 Month Maintenance Program to take care of your home, so that you don’t need to. We look at a calendar year (January to January) and outline everything that needs to be done on a home in BC, and we schedule it, complete it and take care of it. All our clients need to do is live in their home and enjoy relaxing in the place they worked hard to get in the first place. In summary some of the key services include are as follows:

  • Bi-Annual Exterior Home Cleaning (Washing)
  • Bi-Annual Window Washing, Gutter Cleaning and Roof Cleaning.
  • Weekly Lawn and Landscape Maintenance (45+ Cuts Per Year)
  • Seasonal Servicing and Ongoing Clean Up Maintenance
  • Quarterly Professional Inspections (Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing)
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response for Any Issues
  • 30 Minute Response Time for all inquiries.

With our Redesindial Maintenance Program, we become the account manager for your home. Anything you need, or any issues that come up, simply give us a call and we take care of it for you!

If you are interested in this program simply send us an email: property@mgmtgroup.ca and share your home address and one of our technicians will coordinate a time to meet you at your home for a complimentary inspection and proposal. We look forward to working with you! Next time you pull up into your driveway, you can smile, and walk right in for dinner knowing that everything is taken care of.