What Are The New Office Trends Of Today?

Bright, open office building

As we all know, we spend a lot of our life at work. Whether we like it or not, it is a reality that we need to live with. In today’s competitive world it is important to to have an office space that functions according to a business’s needs and the performance of the staff working there. People are often the most expensive and important resource for an organization, and getting employees operating more efficiently can generate great returns to a bottom line.

Today new design trends have emerged and are being implemented in offices around the world. Making people, healthier, happier and more pumped than ever to walk into the office each day. Most organizations require strategic and innovative thinking from their staff. This type of work has required offices to be structured differently to support this type of thinking. To give a brief introduction into this topic we wanted to share two of our favorite office style concepts from 2017:

  1. Biophillically Designed: Wow, that is a big word, what does it really mean? Basically it means having an office design that connects with nature and the natural elements (think green plants and natural light). For us living in BC this is a given. We want to be connected to nature and our external elements. With people spending more than 90% of their time indoors, designers are trying to bring the “outside” to the inside. There are 2 primary certifications for this type of style: WELL Building Standard and LEED Certification. WELL & LEED are working to connect nature and the office and creative an environment connected to the natural world (over the industrial). This style is more than just plants in the office however it is actually rooted in the design elements of the office where natural elements are used at the architectural framework. At Mgmt Group we are a big fan of this design and our office is a great example of this style!
  2. Homestyle Comfort Design: This design is simply focused on making the office feel more like Home. In a day and age where work and life is blended, the office is created in a way to make it easy to be comfortable. Some examples of this are as follows: lounge area, open bar, coffee station, fireplaces, showers, gym, dining room and game rooms. Anything that makes the office feel not like the office. This style is popular in the Vancouver, Waterloo and Toronto tech scene where employers are hoping that a comfortable office layout will entice their staff to work a little later and longer. Can you blame them?

If you are ever looking for a little office  inspiration check this link out from TechVibes Canada: https://techvibes.com/features/killerspaces This link shares some great examples of unique office space throughout Canada. TechVibes showcases weekly modern and innovative office styles throughout Canada that stand out among the rest. Whether it is an open concept office in an old Montreal Distillery, or a rooftop patio overlooking the Vancouver coastline, these offices are special. The design and creativity of the space makes you want to apply there for a job the next day (See it works!).

If you are looking to start exploring the idea for a new office space, feel free to get in touch with us and our Development & Consulting Team will be in contact to discuss what a project would look like. We can review a possible budget, realistic timelines, design styles and the different construction methods and options that would be available. Let’s make your office a place where employees want to work and clients want to stay. Send us a note: info@mgmtgroup.ca