What is the “Mgmt Difference”?

Team discussing a plan on a construction site

The construction and real estate industry is changing at a rapid pace. We started Mgmt Group to be a flexible organization that is lean and innovative, able to match the changing market. Sometimes big and complex teams are needed, and sometimes small and nimble teams are. We sit right in the middle. Small enough to execute quickly, and large enough to handle the scope. We utilize a strategic management process to either self-perform the work, or bring in our valued added partners. We call this model the “Mgmt Difference.”

When you combine real estate, development, construction, and property management there are clear efficiencies that arise. We plan to become the company that best capitalizes on those opportunities. We want to make building easy, and owning real estate simple. We have 3 key areas that allow us to be different and become the management partner of choice:

  1. Our People: We have the best people. Each of our staff are experienced and educated in their field and are proven to be top performers. Our team has a passion on getting the job done on time and on budget. If that means working outside a normal job description then so be it. Our staff are used to completing a variety of tasks on each job. Our equipment operators get behind a shovel, our construction managers get in the equipment, and our office staff are willing to do the clean up. Whatever needs to be done our team steps up and executes. We like it that way, and so do our clients. We are mid-sized company, but value the culture of a startup.
  2. Our Structure: We are set up differently than most other construction and real estate firms. We own our own equipment, have our own employees and run a modern office with innovative software and hardware. We are technology driven group that is passionate about always finding the right way. With our structure we have the ability to self-perform work at a competitive price, but also the security and volume to handle the challenges of a larger project. We like to think of ourselves as creators and innovators rather than just construction workers.
  3. Our Diversification: As a General Contractor, Property Manager and Construction Management company we are a diverse group. This creates synergy within our internal operations where we are able to share resources between our different service offerings. We are also able to utilize our people where they fit best. Our administration team (Finance, HR, Planning) is shared between our 6 divisions reducing our operating costs. Our diversification allows us to respond quickly to market opportunities and serve our clients.

We are excited to continue to grow our group and invest into our people and community. As we continue to build on our “Mgmt Difference” we are excited about the future and the opportunities that are possible. Feel free to contact us and learn more about what makes us different.