Our team was tasked to provide a collaborative approach for this project utilizing our in house capabilities and experience to deliver on a challenging project.

Our development & consulting Team stepped in at the beginning to begin the design and planning process with the client. We started with what the anticipated end result was for space and built a detailed plan of action. We spent time researching and discussing how the client currently interacted with their clients and customers. Upon learning the business culture, our construction team stepped in and designed a process that supported interactive and communicative styles. Our team executed efficiently and delivered a final result on time and on budget. The client was delivered a new space that fit their unique business needs and also created a place their employees enjoyed coming to work. The building also fit in with the local style of Fort Langley and supported the atmosphere of the community. The end product was a beautiful office and retail space, that fit in perfectly with the boutique Fort Langley Community.

The Mgmt Difference

Building in Fort Langley can sometimes be a challenge, with different regulations and requirements to support the heritage style, our team needed to be innovative to accommodate the high standards. Using our in-house design and planning teams allowed our construction management staff to estimate and execute effectively. Our client was also a busy working professional, and having one primary point of contact throughout the entire project was a big value add and the true Mgmt Difference. We spent time, in the beginning, building an organized plan, and executed to create a beautiful space that has had an amazing impact on the community.