Design & Construction Of A Modern 6000+ Sq Ft Office Space

Our General Contracting & Construction Management Teams were selected to design and build an open concept modern office in Langley, BC. The challenge was exciting, take an open shell and make it inviting and modern.

Working with both municipal and strata guidelines, our project team was able to create an entirely new environment for the 6000+ square foot space. Featuring a modern floor to ceiling glass boardroom overlooking the 1st floor, this office now had a feature room that invited guests to sit and relax. In addition, a front reception was designed to welcome visitors into space and provide organized separation from the open concept layout. Four spacious and private offices were also created to provide room for staff to work independently. Each office had custom millwork and custom window and glass finishing. Overall this space was completely transformed and has been a selling feature and recruitment tool for our happy clients!

The Mgmt Difference

Working with a building shell was a challenging place to start. Our team had to be creative and innovative to start the planning phase. Our planning team had to engineer exposed beams and glass throughout the building to create a modern look. To achieve the open concept and modern feel, our design team had to find the best way to utilize the natural light and really open up space. Our general contracting team was able to introduce and install custom glass throughout the office to make space feel bigger and more inviting. With the available space, the team installed the kitchen in the boardroom area. This innovative idea created a relaxed boardroom feel and best utilize the available office space. With custom cabinetry and a beautiful 8ft long custom boardroom table, the space is modern and inviting. In total, the place is completely transformed, and the client can have their dream office created. The Mgmt Difference of having multiple in house teams made the build innovative and efficient. The project team was able to move quickly from design into construction and ensure the client’s vision was maintained throughout the build.