Among the many commercial projects we manage, this property in Langley is unique. It hosts 3 separate tenants. A dental clinic, professional service company and a popular local restaurant.

This requires our property management team to be attentive to the needs of each one of our tenants, and ensure they are supported, so they in turn can support their clients. With our in house maintenance staff, and property management teams, we provide scheduled support for our tenants. Our services are delivered on a monthly and annual maintenance program for the buildings. In addition, we provide 24 Hours support for the building tenants, so that if there are any urgent issues, our team can step in right away. For the owner of the property, we provide monthly financial statements and formal reviews of the building. We provide a detailed breakdown of all maintenance costs and a detailed summary of all work completed on the project. Our property management program provides the owner with a degree of separation from the project, and confidence knowing that the project is handled efficiently.

The Mgmt Difference

With this diverse building and unique tenants, our Property Management team needs to take an organized approach to the building. As the bottom floor is a local restaurant we are focused on ensuring the building is kept in a clean and attractive manner. For the second-floor tenants, who are both in the professional service field, we make sure all mechanical and structural items are in top working condition at all times. In addition, both businesses are consumer-facing, so we ensure our Property Management team is available 24/7 in case any emergencies occur. The Mgmt Difference is our ability to act quickly on any tenant request. With an internal maintenance and construction team, we have the capacity to handle any project that may come up. We are also local and able to move quickly with our technology and mobile staff!