Our Civil and Construction Services Team completed all the earthworks and earthwork for a subdivision in the Lower Mainland. The total project was 20 acres and completed over 16 months.

This was a unique project as it was a country estate that was designed for a park-like setting for future custom home construction. Our team coordinates all the material movement, fill and road base. The final product was a scenic development with custom nature paths and landscaped frontage. The entire project was completed with custom exterior fencing, roads that provide privacy and security. Our team was able to deliver on a job that required a significant amount of volume as well as customization from the end clients.

The Mgmt Difference

This project required both volume and design. Our team needed to move a lot of dirt, however, also needed to have a designed finished product at the end of the project. The Mgmt Difference was our ability to have everything in the house. We had our civil team moving the earth, installing the pipe and site services. As the project moved along we had our landscape team move in and complete custom fencing throughout the property and along the subdivision property lines. Our landscape design technicians also installed various vegetation and plant products to secure the soil and provide privacy between the different lots. In summary, it was a team effort that involved a lot of different Mgmt personnel.  The final product was finished lots and preliminary road work ready for the builder to move forward.