We have extensive expertise in earthworks, site preparation, civil construction demolition, excavation, roadworks and land development. With a diverse fleet of over 50+ pieces of equipment and trained operators, we can handle various commercial, industrial and residential projects. By having an internal excavation division, GMT Group is able to be the first team on the ground for the start of a project which allows us to have more control over general schedules and the quality on site.

Excavation & Earthworks

Shoring, grading, earth moving, bulk excavations, backfilling & fill removal

Demolition & Land Clearing

Land clearing & grading, foundation removal, residential, commercial and industrial demolition


Soil remediation, water treatment, creek diversion & rehabilitation, hard & soft landscaping, erosion & sediment control

Utilities & Roadworks

Sub-base & base-prep, asphalt paving, underground utilities (shallow & deep), culverts, curbs, sidewalks & boulevards

Safety & Equipment

The Management Group team is knowledgeable and experienced in the civil contracting field. The team is what drives the success of a project. The Management Group takes great care in ensuring safety is of utmost importance on any job site. In addition, MGMT Group guarantees that their crew is provided with the most effective tools and resources needed for each specific job, including access to a selection of well-maintained equipment.