Transformation Of An Empty Space Into An Inviting Restaurant

Our team was contacted by Chopped Leaf to build out the tenant improvement for the Brickyard Location based in Cloverdale, BC.

Our Construction Management and Construction Services team provided the experience, labour and management for the transformation of an empty space, into an inviting restaurant dining experience. Working with the owner we ensured the commercial kitchen was established with all of the key requirements to ensure efficiency during operation. The project was a success and the client loved the finished project. If you are hungry, feel free to stop by for a salad and check out our work!

The Mgmt Difference

They say food is all about the experience. For this project our team wanted to make sure each customer had an amazing dining experience for Chopped Leaf. Our team was facing a short timeline and specific details in regards to the kitchen install requirements. Our Construction Management team ensured that the functional details were taken care of, but the design and overall appearance was welcoming and modern. In the end the client was extremely happy, and our team got to conclude with a healthy salad to celebrate! The Mgmt Difference was our ability to keep all construction in-house lowering the complexity of the project and controlling the full construction schedule.